Dark Heresy by Golden315

Dark Heresy is some kind of Warhammer 40k RPG thing I dunno anything about it.

golden.jpg Golden315: Our jerkass DM
rchimp.jpg Nicodemus Bonnevele (RChimpCola): Imperial Psyker, wants to help everyone. Except Mutants. Fuck those guys.
jaf.png Kahl Victus (justafriend): Previously an actual knight, now a techno-knight. A little bit jumpy. [DECEASED]
ladderface.jpg Rigg Falx (Ladderface): Feral world guardsman, fighting for the tribe of Man. His voice projects well.
semisponge.jpg L. Vars (semisponge): Part historian, part archaeologist, part robot, all class.
pods.jpg Tarrosh Walks-in-Fire (Sinatrapod): Rat-wearing shoutsman