Eclipse Phase by Sinatrapod

Earth was always doomed to die. Between the billions of us, our petty concerns, our ancient feuds and our reluctance to change, she didn’t stand a chance. We can only be thankful that when the end came for the old girl, it was swift. Now she drifts in silent testimony of the price paid by the static fools who refuse to change: annihilation. There are always those who would cling to yesterday - now they have nothing to cling to.

Now transhumanity lives by change; we change our bodies, our minds, our jobs and our ways of life at speeds that would panic our ancestors. Hell, our ancestors wouldn’t even be able to recognize us as humans some of the time. We’ve banished famine, disease, old age and the shackles of wealth (well, some of us). After ten years of mourning Mother Earth, humanity collectively reaches beyond to grip the destinies that will call us further on, to new homes and new ways and an endlessly expanding vista of tomorrow.

That’s what you’d probably think if you were just another private citizen, held in the warm arms of a Hypercorp patron and awash in the soporific sea of XPs, sims and media designed to keep you blind. You’re in Firewall, and you know better. With Earth’s demise there is a relative handful of humans left alive, without the comfort and safety of our ignorance or a proper atmosphere. The galaxy is cold, unspeakably vast and unmistakably unwelcoming. You and your compatriots may be the only things which can give transhumanity a future - or hell, their next breath.

Cast of characters

800588352_107577.gif (Pods): Mr. DM
bertrand%20strongland.pngbertrands.png Bertrand Strongland (semisponge): a robot snakeman smuggler, maybe a little brain damaged
bouzu.pngCooperkid.png Alan Cooper (MrSunabouzu): TOTALLY NOT A RIPOFF OF ISAAC CLARK NOPE
golden.png J3T (ps am no frog): computerman, does not technically have a body
rchimpcola.pngpietr.png Pietr Horvana (RChimpCola): Space Russian Chris Redfield
ladderface.pngbanth2.pngbanth3.png Banth Or (Ladderface): a Martian who loves flowers, science fiction, and long walks on the beach

Fan Art

By Angular Cyrus:

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ep pietr by angular cyrus.gif

ep pietr2 by angular cyrus.gif

get well soon by angular cyrus.png

By Antlerhill:

ep madre gigante by antlerhill.png

By RChimpCola:

ep party pietr by rchimp.jpg