Metroid Prime by Jaffy

"Metroid Prime" is a game that doesn't need a long introduction I think. It's the fourth entry in the main series. The first 3D and the first one in First Person too. First Amercian made. A lot of firsts! Despite all that risk and change, it's quite an amazing game. Definitely worthy of being a Metroid game; housing all it's hallmarks. Like exploration, atmosphere, collecting items, etc.

The game was released in November, 2002 GCN. It later got a Prime Trilogy release for the Wii, giving it widescreen and motion controls. I'll be playing the GCN version. Not because I don't like those benefits, but because the original release it the most easy to break.

I'll be tackling it mostly solo and live, too, as I stream it. Doing glitches live always adds a challenge, but no worries, I cut out the failed attempts, haha.

Let's Play & Break?
If you're not familiar with my usual style of LPs, I tend to, aside from just playing them, also show off breaks & glitches. This game has quite a few of them, a lot of famous ones too. It's a Metroid game after all, sequence breaking is a must! But there's going out-of-bounds too!

You stream it?
Yes! You can join me live on stream sometimes if you want, at No real strict schedule yet. But I'll always cut down and post to YouTube afterwards.

Any place to support you?
Yes, again! I have a newly created patreon at There's ways to support me on Twitch and YouTube too, normally.

Finally, you can join my discord if you wish!


#01 - Space Station
#02 - Chozo Ruins I
#03 - Chozo Ruins II (IBBF)
#04 - Ice & Fire
#05 - Two Samus
#06 - In 'N Out
#07 - Hunter Metroid?!
#08 - Plasma
#09 - X-Rated Visor
#11 - Ultimate Lifeform
#12 - *GOT ITEM!*
#P1 - BONUS: Pods Reacts 1
#13 - FINALE: Impact Crater