Rogue Trader by Dicktron

The Imperium of Man is a horrible and oppressive galaxy-spanning empire, the final and only authority in the vast majority of the lives of humanity. The God-Emperor of Mankind, on his throne and coffin one in the same, was not a soft ruler, and his legacy is even worse. Humans live in fear and ignorance, terrified of the space and xenos around them, yet they know that their Emperor will of course protect them and the Imperium never fall. The Imperium is powerful beyond belief, and stretches farther than any other empire, with holdings in every sector of the Galaxy.


Rimward of the Calixis Sector, setting of Dark Heresy, is the Koronus Expanse. A comparatively untouched section of the galaxy, full of riches and glory to be found by anyone brave or foolish enough to seize it. This is where Rogue Traders come in, the only truly free human beings in the galaxy.


Holding a Warrant of Trade, a writ of almost unlimited authority, Rogue Traders exist as a necessary evil for the Imperium (as to the Imperium, anyone that free to do as they please is just as free to fall to Chaos.) They become incredibly wealthy, explore untouched space, claim planets in the name of the Imperium, and wage wars all on their own, aided by their inevitable amassment of holdings.


The Explorers

em5nVWJ.png Dicktron - Power Overwhelming.
46pNMpA.png Sinatrapods- Captain Venatus Mordino - An upjumped Battlefleet Officer, one of the only survivors of a bloody battle with Tyranids. Our Rogue Trader.
1gLHBFV.png semisponge - Svenga Yeshar - Scion of the Yeshar Navigator House. Sworn enemy of the McCulloch Rogue Trader dynasty.
2eGuBTv.png Ladderface - Dragos LaHain - A grimy ship pilot who was press-ganged into the service of pirates, but escaped servitude and is on the lam from them. Void Master.
lsfpqs4.png Golden315 - Victris Lok - A tech priest from a famously nasty Death World, Magos Victris Lok is the resident Explorator.
uFPxXyC.png RChimpCola - Guttunnla - OY WOT IS DIS BOY DOIN' WIT ALL DESE 'UMIES