Shadowrun 5e by Dicktron

It's the late 2070s, and it ain't the future your great-grandpa read about in the magazines. Magic, elves, ghosts, dragons are everywhere...and also cyborgs, hackers, AIs, and all the augmented reality spam you can handle. It's a place where fairytale castles get built one day and then crushed by heavy artillery the next. It's a place where metahumans--elves and dwarves and orks and trolls--are regular people, and far from the weirdest things an average chummer sees in a day.

But you know what? You've heard all that already.


Things have gone real bad in the last few years, and things are also looking up. It's complicated. There's a whole bunch more AIs out there that we never knew about, and some of 'em are messing with people's brains. Giving them CFD -- a nanodisease that rewrites your personality and makes you a headcase.


But at the same time, the nastier shit the corps do is starting to get better-publicized, and the uninformed masses are starting to get just that little bit more informed.


Once upon a time, a request was made to write a Shadowrun adventure so that others could run it. It was intended to be a short, fun affair, where the name was generated first and then the content built around it. It wasn't supposed to be a big deal, really.


Dead wrong. Things got out of hand and now Dracula Idea is an extremely large, very complex adventure for groups of four to six players. Get ready for the long haul, because we're going to be here a while.


Dramatis Personae

8IJX8ni.png Dicktron - Numbers Goblin & your lovely DM.
8CpzTOz.png Sinatrapods- Damsel - An albino former wage mage for Shiawase Corporation. Thrown out on her ass for a minor offense.
oNq20cO.png Golden315 - Peregrine - A mystic adept and former triad. Currently being hunted for a murder she didn't commit.
ZwJ9Pd7.png RChimpCola - Unlimited - Still Unlimited, still wears loud-ass shirts and uses too much Drug. Once cut a man in half. It was fly as hell.
iqk5TzA.png semisponge - Chuul - Still hugeass motherfucker likes to eat. Getting kinda old for this shit.
RjW1CWW.png Ladderface - Lado - You want to fuck this elf.
HgqdZu0.pngHxCVxQ1.png Mr Sunabouzu - Jean & Twinkle Star - Street racing pixie rigger working for the Yakuza, Shadowruns on the side.