Shadowrun by Sinatrapod

It's the 2070s, and it ain't the future your great-grandpa read about in the magazines. Magic, elves, ghosts, dragons are everywhere...and also cyborgs, hackers, AIs, and all the augmented reality spam you can handle. It's a place where fairytale castles get built one day and then crushed by heavy artillery the next. It's a place where metahumans--elves and dwarves and orks and trolls--are regular people, and far from the weirdest things an average chummer sees in a day.


It's the 2070s, and the world is restless. Things have fallen heavily apart, and the rebuilding isn't keeping pace with entropy. Infrastructure is the purview of the corps, and anyone who slips through the cracks...well, let's just say there are a lot of cracks.


It's the 2070s, and the future is writhing with opportunities for those with the guts and the skills to grab them.



The Seattle Metroplex is the only outpost of the United Canadian and American States (UCAS) on the west coast. It is surrounded on all sides by the Salish-Shidhe Council, a decidedly unfriendly if not entirely hostile neighbor. Still, it manages a bustling maritime trade and is the site of considerable industry of all sorts. It's populated by an estimated six million souls--depending on what exactly you count as a "soul" of course--and nicknamed The Emerald City for its glittering coat of AR skin draped over downtown buildings. Everywhere you look is green and crystalline...well, as long as you leave your commlink open to it, anyway.


Policing in Seattle is currently being managed by Lone Star, though that contract is subject to change. Other notable corps maintaining the city are Gaeatronics (power), Shiawase Envirotech (public works), and NeoNet (matrix services). And the Metroplex Guard--courtesy of UCAS--make sure the borders are secure. The average suburbanite lives comfortably in a gated community or a corporate arcology covered in a warm and fuzzy blanket of armed security. Of course, there's always the barrens--areas laid to waste by volcanoes and nuclear meltdowns--but only the unlucky, the poor, and the crazy live out there.


But that's the boring stuff. We're here to look at Seattle's rich and seething underworld, a constellation of syndicates, gangs, and corporate blackops all competing to gain the services of us, the shadowrunners. A shadowrunner is someone with certain...skills...willing and able to ignore the law (and all the other security firms) for money, or power, or thrills. Or all three. The important thing is there are plenty of Mr. Johnsons wanting something done, and plenty of fixers to set it up, and plenty of shadowrunners to do the deed.


Cast of Characters

smith.pngSinatrapod - Mr. Johnson aka fuck you, DM
Sleipnir.png Golden315 - Chaya aka "Sleipneir" - Smuggler. Likes privacy and cars.
Unlimited.png RChimpCola - Unlimited - Shadowrunning for moneys to keep up his weedlord420ssjgokusism. Wears bright ass shirts.
Chuul.png semisponge - Chuul - Hugeass motherfucker likes to eat.
Passenger.png PassengerLA.png Ladderface - Orrin aka "Passenger" - Magical Medical Professional on Probation
GastToken.png Mr Sunabouzu - Gast - Freelance wizard.


slade.PNG Slade, a cowboy

Pandora.PNG Pandora, an actress

bigben.PNG Big Ben, a big-shot movie director

Bacchus.jpg Bacchus, a poser

ike.png Ike, our friendly wingsman

staff%20thug.jpg staff thugs 1-8

steve.jpg that jerkass Steve

leo.png Leo, a furry