The Silent by Golden315

Long ago humanity was the master of the world, bending nature to its will. Vast sprawling cities dotted the land and a global transportation network connected all people to all places. Then the Calamity came. No one is sure what it is that happened, perhaps humanity push nature too hard and it finally snapped, or perhaps humanity sabotaged itself as it always does. Whatever the reason may be the world is no longer what it once was. The air is unfit to breathe, the food unfit to eat, the water unfit to drink. The atmosphere has thinned allowing more of the suns harmful rays to penetrate to the surface. Unprotected travel is a suicidal venture at best. Humans have retreated to the only safe place they know, The Domes. These domes are situated at the base of support structures for what was once a global transportation network for some sort of airborne vehicles. The network is no more but the domes that once protected the intricate mechanisms now serve as the last home of humanity. Protected from all the hazards outside the domes offer safety and security, but only as long as the power lasts. Without the constant stream of energy the protective domes will no longer protect those from the hostile environment.

The generators that power the domes are not infinite and should they ever fail all those inside the dome are surely doomed. Thus power has become the single most important resource on the planet but too much knowledge has been lost since the Calamity, none can manufacture new power sources. Eventually the power within the domes began to wane and it became obvious that without new power sources the domes will fail and the people perish.

Thus rose the Umbra, those that venture outside into the outside world to search for the power sources that life now depends on. By travelling to the burned out cities and outposts the Umbra scavenge what resources they can that a dome might survive that much longer. The Umbra hold a strange place in society, they are most certainly needed but they are seen as outcasts and dangerous for a Dome. Perhaps it is prudence or perhaps it is simple jealousy, either way the the atmosphere in a Dome causes Umbra to move on to another Dome before long.

Cast of Characters

DMtok.png DM (Golden315)
BunaColor.png Buna (Sinatrapod) - Undernourished orphan, ironically good at cooking
Crija.png Crija (semisponge) - Wall of meat
Ditnav.png Ditnav Maloof (Ladderface) - Brainsman
Remmy.PNG Remmy Marlon (Mr Sunabouzu) - Literally an anime