Shadow of the Unseen by Mr.Sunabouzu

Shadow of the Unseen is an occult/mystery thrillerRPG based on the Strands of Fate system. It is inspired by Shinto mythology and heavily cribs from it. Players assume the role of paranormal investigators operating in and around Ikebukuro, Tokyo. They are sponsored by ISIS, a shadowy military organization that precious little is known about.

me_irl.png DM (MrSunabouzu): crazed mastermind
daisuke.png Daisuke (RChimpCola): a man, a plan, a robot arm
Reuben.png Reuben (Ladderface): sheriff of two worlds
Rosario.png Rosario (Golden): person of indeterminate gender and/or species
Thirteen.png Thirteen (Sinatrapod): lucksman extraordinaire

Fan Art

By Angular Cyrus:

sotu idk by angular cyrus.gif