Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly by Jaffy

"Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly" is the fourth entry in the "Spyro The Dragon" 3D platformer franchise. The game is developed by Check Six Games and Equinoxe and published and produced by Universal Interactive. This is the first entry beyond the original Insomniac Trilogy and... it shows.

The game was released in November, 2002 for both the PS2 and GCN. Yup, the once Sony mascot has officially left behind the exclusivity on Sony consoles. The game was going to get more ports but much like the game itself, that was left unfinished.

Spyro 4 tries to replicate the original trilogy on the new systems, but while being conceptually close, the game fails at almost anything that made the first games good. That being sharp controls, tightly tuned and varied gameplay and most of all: charm. It does feature most of the voice and sound talent from the previous games. It even goes as far as reusing a TON of samples. Story-wise it picks up right after the third game.

Let's be real here: Enter the Dragonfly is not great. Development was rushed and a ton of originally planned content was cut. It lacks much needed polish on pretty much every aspect. But the core is there. Had the team have had more time then it could've probably been pretty great!

Joining me again is the electrifying Sinatrapod.

While it's not a great game, my love for the original games makes going through it... interesting at the very least. The game deserves to be shown off if only for the stark contrast to the PS1 games. It's also janky as hell in a way I can appreciate.

I'll be emulating the Gamecube version of the game. This version is overall a little more stable and runs and loads faster.

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For the original, check out Flare Elevar's Spyro the Dragon LP.

"Let's Play & Break"?
Just watch the first video.



#01 - Dragon Realms
#02 - Dragonfly Dojo
#03 - Dragon Realms II
#04 - Crop Circle Country
#05 - Luau Island
#05b - Luau Island (For Real)
#06 - Cloud 9
#07 - Monkey Monastery
#08 - Thieves Den
#09 - Honey Marsh
#10 - Jurassic Jungle
#11 - Ripto (Finale)


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I'll leave you with this gem I found on GameStop's product page for Spyro 4: