Spyro: Year of the Dragon by Jaffy

"Spyro: Year of the Dragon" is the third entry in the successful PS1 platformer franchise "Spyro The Dragon". Developed by Insomniac Games, this was the last one they made before they sold the franchise and moved on to Ratchet and Clank.

The game was released in North America on October 23, 2000 and in Europe on November 10, 2000. Unfortunately Japan did NOT get the game. :(

Spyro 3 adds some new (arguably gimmicky) ideas to the Spyro formula. Most notably a bunch of new playable characters with their own skill sets and play styles. Also skateboarding. Overall the game has a more Far-Eastern theme to it (to go with the whole Year of the Dragon thing).

Joining me as before is the radiant Sinatrapod.

So why THIS game?
To quote what I said before:

"The original Spyro games are among my absolute favorite games. Sure, nostalgia has a little bit to with it but the games have crazy solid fundamentals. The level design in particular is fantastic. In its core Spyro is just a simple platformer but its executed really well. I also don't find that it's aged poorly at all, especially compared to most PS1 era games. The camera is kind of poor but the controls are still pretty solid."
What about the previous Spyro games?
You can find the archived version of my Let's Play & Break of "Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage" here.

For the original, check out Flare Elevar's Spyro the Dragon LP.

"Let's Play & Break"? Will you be breaking the game as much as Spyro 2?
Like before this will be a 100% playthrough of the game where I'll try to break the game as much as I can along the way. Unfortunately Insomniac took away an important tool for that in Spyro 3. But it just means I'll have to be more creative! ;)

Anything else
- Videos marked with "♪♪" have dual audio.

Sunrise Spring

Prologue: Spyro: The Dragon

Sheila's AlpSunny VillaCloud Spires

Molten KramerSeashell ShoreMushroom Speedway

Buzz's DungeonCrawdad Farms

Midday Gardens

Enchanted TowersSpooky SwampSgt. Byrd's Base

Icy PeakBamboo TerraceCountry Speedway

Spike's ArenaSpider Town

Evening Lake

Fireworks FactoryFrozen AltarsBentley's Outpost

Honey SpeedwayCharmed RidgeLost Fleet

Scorch's PitStarfish Reef
Midnight Mountain

Haunted TombDino MinesAgent 9's Lab

Crystal IslandsDesert RuinsHarbor Speedway

Sorceress's LairBugbot FactoryCrash Bash Demo

Super Bonus Worlds (Finale)


Spyro. He's got things to do.

Sparx. Spyro's best bud. He's got HIDDEN POTENTIAL in this game.

Hunter. Our favorite mentally challenged character returns.

Moneybags. Satan incarnate.

Zoe. A fairy who seems to serve dragons, and Spyro in particular.

Bianca. Mysterious servant of the Sorceress. You won't like her when she's angry.

The Sorceress. Wants to use dragon eggs for some nefarious purpose.

Sheila Sharla. A kangaroo and a playable character previously (currently?) imprisoned by the Sorceress. She likes jumping and kicking things really hard.

Sgt. Byrd. I mean, look at him.

Bentley. A surprisingly bright yeti that just wants to straight up smash things.

Agent 9. A maniacal space cyborg monkey. Also likes butt.


FinalGamer makes a fitting tribute to the Spyro 2 videos.

cofaigh and Rather Watch Them show us what would(will??) happen when From studios buys the Spyro franchise.

cofaigh posted:

I also thought that the 'soul' mechanic in Spyro 2 was a little suspect.

Good job the new Spyro game is forgoing both souls and gems in favour of scouring the dragon world for humanity.


Rather Watch Them posted:

A battle of greed? Surely you don't mean...


Rather Watch Them posted:


cofaigh reveals Moneybags' true form.

cofaigh posted:

The Moneybags model (sprite?) always weirded me out. Strikes me more as familiar now though.


Xenoveritas reminds us what we're fighting for.

Xenoveritas posted:


cofaigh reflects on Hunter's life decisions.

And shows us what the game used to be like before they padded it with 'platforming'.

cofaigh posted:


What we're all really thinking:

cofaigh posted:

Also, I really hope Moneybags gets his comeuppance at the end of this game.


...and that 80's rad dragon was itching for a new name.

cofaigh posted:

That Hunter death-reel was very cathartic.


Just A Friend posted:

Hi, I made some GIFs out of that last cutscene cause I felt like it. Enjoy.



cofaigh posted:

So Bentley moonlights as a biplane yeah?


Danny Glands posted:


Finally, Hunter is where he belongs.

Doom Itself posted:

Can't we dream?


cofaigh posted:

Those bears really were in Hell, toiling so close to a river of honey.

yellow version

Just A Friend posted:

Haha I love it. I hope you don't mind, but I couldn't resist:


Daigerus posted:

You know, Moneybags mentioned that he did bantamweight boxing in Spyro 2, and there's yeti boxing in Spyro 3.

So...fight of the century?